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Christianity at its best

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Exploring what Christians Believe
Donal Harrington
ISBN 9781856077606


'Always be ready to give an answer to people who ask you the reason for the hope that is in you' (1 Peter 3:15). 

At its best, Christianity is filled with hope. It is positive and attractive and relevant to life. This book offers an account of what Christians believe and what is the heart of their belief. It offers an account of how Christians are to live from that hope.

The book's exploration is carried out in a questioning spirit. Often, Christianity does not appear at its best, because Christians themselves can get Christianity wrong. There are ways of thinking about it that are outdated. There are ways of practising it that obscure the core of what it is all about. So there is a sense in which Christianity needs to reconnect with its own soul.

The book may appeal to people who are interested in things spiritual but who are not connected to 'church'. They may find here an informative and attractive presentation of what Christianity is all about. They may find that there is more to it than they had thought. And it may appeal to church-goers, including those who sense a gap between Christianity and church. They may find here a refreshing and stimulating account of what it is that they believe. They too may find that there is more to Christianity than they had thought.

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